Leadership, Skills & Organization Development
TAC's leadership, skills and organization development offerings provide first-class instruction on an ever widening range of IT topics. In conjunction with our strategic partners, TAC offers clients the freedom and flexibility to schedule private webinars, on-site training and education, facilitated workshops, and other education an training experiences. The quality and experience of our Experts is showcased through complimentary educational webinars. These webinars are open to the public, and attract corporate leaders, executives, managers and practitioners around the world, across all levels and industry sectors.

“We’ve found TAC’s advice and consulting to be excellent value. Their Experts not only know what they are talking about, but are good communicators. How can you put a price on TAC’s ‘gold nugget’ insights? A couple of these ideas can save us millions.”

— Jonathan Hirst, Manager, IT Global Petrotechnical Services, Talisman Energy

On-Site Expertise Delivery

Skills and Competency Management

Aging skill sets, retirement, new technologies, mergers, culture changes, budget constraints, and other factors put numerous companies at risk for talent loss. Yet, many ignore the most fundamental solution to address the threat of under-qualified staff, establishing a skills-based organization. An agile, appropriately skilled workforce will not only provide a significant return on investment, but also stimulate people to be more motivated, productive and fulfilled. And, most importantly, talent will be available to capitalize on growth opportunities. More effective resource management, focused training and development, clearer career opportunities, and improved performance management are just a few of the results of an effective skills-based management program.

Our Experts have extensive experience in skills and competency management including implementation and deployment of skills training. We adhere to a rigorous and proven approach to skills-based management programs. Building a skills-based organization starts by proving its value and return on investment. Skills indentified as core to business goals are linked to positions and process roles. Standards for incumbents clearly indentify requirements for success. These skills standards flow throughout the organization in a chain that includes recruitment, assessment, career development, training, performance and succession planning, and assurance that people understand what is required of them as they join the organization, conduct their assignments, identify career opportunities and more.

Organization Optimization

Globalization and the current economic crisis have forced organizations to rethink their strategies and change the way they operate. Often times, much of this has been “on the fly,” with companies switching their focus from markets to products or competitors, instead of looking at the big picture. This can result in lots of piecemeal change initiatives rather than looking at the overall organizational design.

Our Experts have experience in working with both large and small enterprises to achieve the maximum benefits for their clients’ IT organizations. We have assisted our clients in building business cases for organizational implementation changes/improvements whether they are in-sourced or outsourced structural changes.

TAC Leadership and Professional Skills Development Offerings


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About TAC

Founded in 2002, TAC brings its unique Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™), the next logical step in the XaaS revolution, to the enterprise. The EaaS solution-delivery model gives clients access to TAC’s wide array of services, tools and workshops designed to help CIOs and IT managers reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase the status of IT in the boardroom. The EaaS mission is to provide first-hand, actionable information, advice, and expertise in the context of your specific IT organization. The TAC Expert Network provides clients on-demand access to one of the world’s largest vetted networks of practicing IT experts. With hundreds of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders, and independent consultants, TAC delivers the right answer to your question in the right context, “right now.”

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