Performance Management & Measurement
High performance has become a way of life for vitually any enterprise. The need to continually improve, reduce costs and increase efficiency to remain competitive is the foundation of improving performance. Enterprises have grown to understand that effective measurements will enable them to best understand which costs to reduce and what actions to take to improve efficiency without negatively impacting performance.
Products and Packages

Any organization can benefit from assessing the cost, effectiveness and efficiency of their IT group. Traditional methods can take months to complete and can be cost prohibitive. TAC performance management and measurement gives our clients affordable flexibility, rapidly delivering the information that the client wants and needs at price points to fit well within the budgets of small to medium sized businesses.

Benchmark Services

One of the biggest challenges to every CIO and senior executive today is the determination of where and how much to invest in IT, IT support and resources. The offerings in our benchmark services solution suite provide the type of customized performance metrics that can help in making those determinations.

Our benchmark services solution suite provides easy to understand detailed reports containing actionable information about such things as productivity, workload, staffing, sourcing, complexity, ageing and costs.

Each of our solution offerings follows a systematic process of data collection, validation, statistical analysis, and report generation. The benchmark final reports provide results containing required metrics associated with the functional area being assessed.

The TAC benchmarking service are supported by a database of more than 1600 clients in more than 25 industries, and a state-of-the-art, intuitive analytical system. The database contains more than 200 metrics for each of the ten assessment modules or functions supported (distributed computing, help desk, mainframes, mid-range servers, wide area data networking, telecommunications—wireline, telecommunications—wireless, telecommunications—PBX, application development, and application support).

The TAC benchmarking services suite contains five offerings: Comprehensive Benchmarking, Benchmark Lite, Benchmark Ultra-Lite, Hardware Reliability Benchmarking, and Sales Force Effectiveness Benchmarking.

Comprehensive Benchmarking: With this offering the client can select the industry, complexity range, and other drill-down options, across one to ten of our assessment modules. Using a series of standardized data collection forms and interfaces, this offering helps the client gather the necessary infrastructure, cost, staffing, and complexity data to populate the assessment modules. Our Comprehensive Benchmark offerings eliminate the time, expense and subjectivity of analyst labor while providing for rapid analysis and detailed reporting within days of data collection completion.

Benchmark Lite enables a client to receive a fast, cost efficient, customized set of industry metrics in a quality benchmark report which can be used for comparative looks into cost and efficiency performance. The client can select the industry, complexity range, and other drill-down options, and up to a total of twenty industry metrics (out of a total of more than 200 metrics per module), across one to three of our ten assessment modules. The resulting customized report is generated and sent quickly to the client for immediate use.

Benchmark Ultra-Lite provides the client with a set of up to twenty predefined metrics associated with each of our assessment modules or functions. The client may choose from two to all ten of our assessment modules for their report. There is little data collection required, as this is a report of industry benchmark data contained in our database, and not a comparative analysis of the client and an industry.

Hardware Reliability Benchmarking: IT managers understand the importance of reliability, but have lacked metrics to support decisions based upon reliability. Most IT organizations are too small to have a wide enough scope of internal reporting to be useful on a broad scale. Large companies may be capturing data on a larger set of repair problems on their own, but this information is frequently buried in multiple disparate systems with no common descriptions. The result is general blindness on equipment reliability.

Effective and efficient hardware reliability benchmarking is now available as a service from TAC. Users of IT equipment in all areas are invited to submit their repair history anonymously, and compare their experience to other users in a benchmark format covering comparisons between equipment category, equipment type, manufacturers, specific models, model series, and parts.

Sales Force Effectiveness Benchmarking: Opportunity exists to provide business owners and executive management with actionable customer and channel insight on an individual company and sector specific basis to be able to measure and track sales force effectiveness over time, and importantly identify specific areas (hiring process, sales/customer buying process, training, channel management, and sales force organization) to improve sales force effectiveness.

The TAC Sales Force Effectiveness Benchmark service provides a systematic and rigorous process and methodology that enables clients to better understand their sales force’s strengths and weaknesses. Through the use of a custom designed quantitative survey given to client customers we can evaluate the effectiveness of an enterprises’ sales force overall and versus those of its competitors to maximize sales effectiveness leading to higher return on investment.

IT Assessments/Audits

CIOs are faced with demands from many parts of the enterprise. Each department has its own requirements, and expects support from the CIO. The task of prioritization of the overall IT strategy and plan must be well thought out and actionable. If the strategy and plan is not is not aligned with other strategies across the enterprise and/or other process strategies such as the CRM strategy and plan then the entire enterprise's performance with suffer. Additionally, once the strategy and plan is executed it is important to understand if the execution of that plan is on target and meeting expectations.

The task of creating those strategies and plans, understanding the appropriate hardware and software considerations, understanding the sourcing implications and finally understanding if the implementation and execution considerations are on target can be an overwhelming exercise. CIOs must understand the impact of their strategy, plan and execution capabilities in terms of quality of service, impact on the performance of the company, shareholder wealth, and alignment with the overall corporate business plan and strategy.

Comprehensive IT Assessments/Audits: TAC Experts have developed a rigorous process to review and assess our clients' IT enterprise strategy and plan for thoroughness, budgetary soundness, impact of industry trends and latest technology on the strategy and plan and the soundness of any vendor relationships that they may have related to the strategy and plan. We can review and assess the entire strategy and plan or work with each functional area such the storage area network function, the infrastructure function, the data center function, data privacy and information security to name a few. In each case we work with CIOs and their teams to help them create and/or improve the strategy and plan and help them convey that strategy and plan to upper management. We can also assess the execution of the strategy and plan to ensure that the client is getting the desired results.

Rapid Review Assessments: High performance and risk mitigation have become a way of life for virtually all enterprises. The need to continually improve, reduce costs, and increase efficiency to remain competitive is the foundation of increasing performance. Managers need real assessment solutions in order to minimize risk, increase value, ensure process alignment, and enable portfolio priority. Effective assessments and measurements also help management mitigate the risk of executing incorrect actions and often point out unexpected opportunities.

TAC Rapid Review Assessments are designed for clients to quickly obtain effective and informative assessments of various areas within their IT function. These assessments will help them better understand how their information technology investments impact their organization, and where key changes may be made to improve their overall efficiencies, resulting in more responsive solutions to their customers. Rapid Review Assessments are affordable, fixed-price offerings.

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About TAC

Founded in 2002, TAC brings its unique Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™), the next logical step in the XaaS revolution, to the enterprise. The EaaS solution-delivery model gives clients access to TAC’s wide array of services, tools and workshops designed to help CIOs and IT managers reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase the status of IT in the boardroom. The EaaS mission is to provide first-hand, actionable information, advice, and expertise in the context of your specific IT organization. The TAC Expert Network provides clients on-demand access to one of the world’s largest vetted networks of practicing IT experts. With hundreds of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders, and independent consultants, TAC delivers the right answer to your question in the right context, “right now.”

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