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Do you need to know about the most recent developments in the IT world now?
Do you need information and intelligence from experts in the field, doing exactly what you want to know about?
Do you value the opinions of leading expert practitioners?

Since 2002, TAC has been providing its clients with highly personalized, targeted research using one of the world’s largest vetted networks of practicing IT Experts. This private network of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders and independent consultants is now contributing their time, knowledge and expertise to TAC Insights, a regular stream of published-by-TAC IT insights. TAC Insights are designed to help you keep abreast of IT trends, as well as to give you specific advice about how to best leverage these trends.

TAC Insights provides:

  • Semimonthly information and intelligence on current IT topics
  • Actionable advice and research from world-class expert practitioners
  • No need for expensive “seat licenses”
  • Unlimited access to the TAC Insights archive
  • Invitations to complimentary TAC webinars and events

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